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Most businesses do want the certainty and peace of mind that comes with knowing they are looking after their family, co-directors and team. The process starts with a discovery meeting which is all about getting to know the client, their family and the business. Wendy guides them, identifying areas that may need consideration. A plan is agreed and then worked through in bite-sized chunks – eventually creating a robust Contingency and Succession plan for the business.

Wendy highlights: “One big part I really enjoy is not only dealing with the straight-forward, more obvious stuff, but also getting the business owner to sit on a cloud and talk about all the stuff that could be a problem. Like who their natural successor would be – often not the one the rest of the team might agree with! With a strong background in sales and marketing I can’t help but get involved with helping clients sort their sales out too sometimes…”

Her support extends from Wills, Business Wills, Powers of Attorney, and Trusts, to include anything from Protection advice – ensuring money is made available to the business – through to legal agreements and guidance and role/person descriptions for possible successors.

It is reassuring that Wendy has even been known to step in and help out on an interim basis to steady the ship following a death or serious illness – a gesture very much appreciated by the  company and the family at such a horrible time.

Wendy says: “I have to find a balance between being there for everyone and supporting them, but also ensuring things move forward in the best way possible. Hugs and good old Northern humour are often good weapons to deploy at such tough times.”

Wendy can coordinate with Accountants, Tax Advisors, and Solicitors for issues surrounding valuations, shareholding, and company agreements.

Clients then sign up for regular reviews once everything is in place.

Meet The Owner

Wendy is a trusted adviser, speaker and occasional interim. She motivates and supports business owners to get robust plans in place should they become ill or even die whilst running their business. As a director of a multi-million pound turnover UK manufacturing company for over 20 years, Wendy is an expert in her field. Unusually combining a broad-based understanding of the challenges of running a business with the necessary legal and financial background to produce Contingency and Succession plans for business owners, her light-hearted, no bull approach is generally well received by her clients who are forced to answer some uncomfortable questions on occasion!

She admits she has reached an age where she can pick and choose what she does and who she works with! She is fortunate in having a background that can be utilised in many ways by the companies she works with, and it is this variety which she finds really enjoyable and continues to feed her enthusiasm for what she does.

Wendy is married to Andy and they have three children (Matt, Becky and Ellie), as well as two gorgeous dogs (Tilly and Willow). After years of globe-trotting she loves being at home in Cheshire or working with the team at the HQ offices in Holmes Chapel. Whilst the children have now mostly flown the nest, her eldest son, Matt, joined the business a few years ago. This has motivated Wendy even more (if that’s even possible!) to grow a great business that will provide a steady future for him and continuity for all the clients.

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